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We have the exciting opportunity to move forward with some Prayer Town improvements, namely adding an aging in place wing to our Mother House.

Many of you know that Prayer Town was mostly built by our Sisters. In our poverty we provided the labor and you helped to provide the building materials through your donations. Unfortunately handicap accessibility was not factored into the plans and now we are in need of rooms and areas in our house to accommodate wheel­chairs, handrails, etc. Even though we are still relatively young, our elderly and infirmed Sisters face the same challenges many of you have and are facing. As long as we can, we hope to keep our Sisters home, sharing our life in community.

In addition to your prayers, it would be wonderful to have you as a part of this project with your financial support. Perhaps $5 a month for a year or two? $10? 50? Many small gifts do matter. And so do the aging and infirmed Sisters you would be supporting – Sisters who have dedicated their lives to making others’ lives brighter.

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support our aged & infirmed sisters

We Need Your Help!

  Mother John Marie continued her ministry of prayer and evangelization until her death at 91. She was a foundress with vision. It was her vision that as Sisters age, they could continue to live as full a community life as possible and serve through prayer and evangelization. Mother John Marie died before seeing this vision, which is part of our 20 year masterplan, come to pass. We have developed schematic designs and are seeking the necessary funding to move forward. Please join us and help our vision become a reality. As Mother John Marie always said: “Do whatever he tells you.” (John 2:6)

about the planning

A Little More Info

What is included in the plans?


I. Aging in Place building
      1. 8 wheelchair accessible rooms
      2. New infirmary
      3. Wide hallways with handrails
      4. Recreation room doubling as a tornado shelter

II. Wheelchair accessible chapel
      1. New sacristy
      2. Wheelchair accessible restrooms
      3. Gathering area
      4. Audio visual technology

III. Exterior improvements
       1. A new entryway to the Mother House
       2. Some paved parking spots
       3. A paved walkway

How long is the campaign running for?

Our hope is to have it completed in 3 years. Our goal, God willing, is October 4, 2022 for our 50th Anniversary.

Who prepared the designs?

The architectural plan and 3D designs were funded by the generous help of the National Religious Retirement Office who gifted us with a grant to get this exciting adventure started.

Architects Shemmer and John Gunther have prepared the design.

do you currently have an infirmary?

Yes! However, when we built Prayer Town wheelchair accessiblity was not factored in.

you can be a part of something special!

Building virtually as we build the physical building


We pray for:

Our local Church (St. Peter)

Families and marriages (St. Louis & Margaret)

For our loved ones to be rooted and grounded in faith

To build our lives as Christians on the foundation of Christ


We pray for:

The head of all households (St. Joseph)

Those who are vulnerable & anxious for protection (St. Joseph)

Protection of human life (St. Gianna Molla, Sts. Joachim & Ann, St. Pio, St. Pelegrine)

Homebound  (Sacred Heart & Immaculate Heart)

Wall of praise (JPII)

Walled in Light – priests, deacons, those praying for us (St. Collette, St. Joseph)

Prisoners & Immigrants (Kolbe or Edith Stein, St. Martin de Porres)

Homeless (St. Francis)

Vocations (St. Therese)

People in the government (St. Thomas Moore/Becket)


Wood & Nails

We pray for:

Those who work with their hands/poor (St. Francis, Jesus the worker)

Blue collar workers – sense of dignity

For those who need jobs

Healthcare workers (St. Martin de Porres)

Addicts (St. Kolbe)



We pray for:

Homeless & poor to find shelter (St. Francis)

Our country remaining under the blessing of God

Healing (St. Peter, JPII, Holy Spirit)

Single mothers – Our Lady as protection over their life

Police & military (St. Michael) 

First responders & fire fighters



We pray for:

Deceased loved ones to see the Lord face to face (Archangels)

Priests/Religious (St. John Vianney, St. Clare)

Consecrated (St. Joseph)

Santification of priests & religious (St. John Vianney)

Parents of Sisters for giving us life

Faith in the Eucharist

Children to return to the faith ( Mother Mary)

Doctors, medical personnel (St. Thomas Aquinas)

For Pope Francis (St. Francis)

Evangelization (St. JPII)

Vocations to priesthood (St. John Vianney)

Children who have died (Holy Innocents)

Unity of Christians (St. Francis)

Souls in Purgatory (St. Faustina)



We pray for:

Greater love and understanding of the Catholic faith (St. Bonaventure, St. Clare)

The depressed & despairing (St. Lucy)

Youth (St. Don Bosco)

Blind & those with sight problems (St. Lucy)

Athiests, agnostics, communists (St. Anthony, Venerable Fulton Sheen)

More saints/future saints (Padre Pio)

Hope for the hopeless (St. Fidelis)

Conversion of sinners (St. Junipero Serra)

Ongoing renewal in the Church (St. John XXIII)

Those who are suicidal that they have faith & hope (St. Faustina)

Conversion of prostitutes (St. Philip Neri, St. Margaret of Cortona)

Missionaries (St. Anthony)


Aging in Place Rooms

We pray for:

Those experiencing a decline in their mental faculties (St. Benedict Joseph)

Those in nursing homes (JPII)

Dying (Mother Teresa) 

Caregivers (Mother Teresa, Sts. Joachim & Ann, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Sts. Simeon & Anna, Jeanne Jugan, St. Damian)

Respect for all stages of life

Healing & Strength for the sick

Mentally ill (St. Benedict Joseph)

Priests & religious

Widows & Widowers (St. Anna)

Homebound/shut-ins to receive the sacraments &  have their medical needs met (St. Margaret Mary)

Elderly who feel displaced, lonely & unuseful (St. Anthony of Egypt)

Cancer patients (St. John XXIII, St. Peregrine

Elderly & suffering (St. Bernard of Clairvaux)

Aging with grace & wisdom

Those who have estranged children (Sts. Augustine & Monica)


Safe Room

We pray for:

POWs and those missing in action (St. Maximilian Kolbe, Emil Kapun, St. George)

Veterans (St. Fidelis)

Refugees (St. Bakita)

Domestic Violence (St. Rita, St. Maria Goretti)

Our DLJC safety

Child labor & abuse (St. Jose Sanchez)

Human trafficking (St. Bosco, St. Margaret of Cortona, St. Bakita, St. Mary Magdalene)

Those effected by natural disasters

Protection of human life (St. Gianna)

Persecuted Church (St. Clare, JPII, St. Justin)

Religious freedom (Father Stanley Rother, St. Joan of Arc)



We pray for:

Evangelization (Holy Spirit) 

Safe pregnancy & delivery & those who are childless (Sts. Elizabeth & Zechariah)

Evangelization (St. JPII, St. Francis Xavier)

Those entering the Church (St. Louis)

Those in need of work (St. Joseph the worker)

Welcoming and awareness of the other (Dorothy Day)

Evangelizers & Missionaries (Servant Emiliano Tardiff)

Those entering the seminary (Charles Borromeo, St. Bonaventure)

Couples who desire to have children (Sts. Zechariah & Elizabeth)

Couples entering the church (Sts. Isidore & Maria)

Those who work in RCIA (Solanus Casey, St. Anthony)

Those engaged (St. Joseph & Mary)

Unbound ministry (St. Joseph terror of demons)

Those traveling (Guardian angels)

Missionaries (St. Paul, St. Berard & Comp)



We pray for:

Those among us who are suffering chronic illness (St. Raphaelle, St. Bernadette, St. Maria Soledad, Padre Pio, St. Damian, Marianne Cope)

Nurses & Doctors (St. Catherine of Sienna)

End to pandemic, all covid patients (St. Therese, St. Roch, St. Corona)

Those suffering (St. Elizabeth of Hungary)

Education of doctors and healthcare workers (St. Joseph Cupertino, St. Giueseppe Moscati)

Those in hospice care (St. Bernadette)

Care facilities would be places of warmth and compassion (St. Padre Pio)
Rescue workers and medics in dangerous situations (Pierre Georgio)


AV Room

We pray for:

Those seeking faith – that the Holy Spirit would illumine truth

Cloistered communities (St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of Cross)

Those in Hollywood for their conversion (JPII)

Those in entertainment industry (JPII, St. Philip Neri)

Inspiration for new Christian media

Print & broadcast media (Venerable Fulton Sheen, St. Maximillian Kolbe, St. Clare, Carlo Acutis)

Musicians (St. Cecilia, St. Caedmon)

Healing from misuse of the media (St. Maria Goretti)

Hidden workers in the Church (St. Andre Bassett)

For catechists (St. Bosco)

Painters & artists (Catherine of Bologna, Fra Angelico)



We pray for:

Bell tower – nation call to prayer (St. Benedict, St. Junipero Serra)

Electrical – new Pentecost (Holy Spirit)

Walkways – to see and appreciate the beauty of creation

Vocations to our community, those in religious life

Fruitfulness to our apostolate

Spiritual healing, healing of family tree

Trees/landscaping – for the nations of the world, continents

Gardens – young people to flourish in their faith



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