Prayer Request

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Good and Gracious God,

We thank You for the gift of our family, friends and benefactors.

Thank You for their time, talent and providential support which enables us to fulfill the ministry You have entrusted to us.

We pray for their personal intentions, knowing that you have a good plan for each of their lives.

For those who are ill, we pray for your healing touch to be upon them;
For those who are in need of a job, for doors to open;
For those in need of hope, that Your light will scatter the darkness in their life and fill them with Your love;
For peace to reign in their hearts and the hearts of their loved ones;
For the lukewarm, that You will fan into flame a new passion for Your name;
For the lost, that You would enfold them in Your loving embrace so they can know how near You are to them;
For the brokenhearted, that Your touch would mend their hearts;
For those in need of mercy, that they will know the healing balm of Your forgiveness;
For those in need of grace, that You would lavishly pour forth grace in abundance;
For those struggling with addictions, that You would set them free from these chains;
For those who fear, may they come to know that You are greater than all fear because You are Perfect Love;
For the sorrowful, we thank You that You are turning their tears into joy;
For those who are healthy, peaceful and joyful, we praise You, Lord.  Secure them in those graces.

Grant we pray, O Heavenly Father, that all family, friends and benefactors of the DLJC will one day behold You face to face in Your Heavenly Kingdom.


A Franciscan Charismatic Religious Community